Aluminiumsprofiler innfelt

The group of aluminium LED profiles presented bellow has been segregated by the installation type. All models presented here are suitable for a recessed installation. According to the shape of the profile, some of them has been designed to be built into a gypsum ceiling, some to the floor, wall and others into the furniture, shelves or cabinets. Small size profiles can be installed with a thermo conductive adhesive tape/glue and bigger models has own independent mounting brackets. Customer has a large variety of products: from very small lamps, through the medium, up to large size lamps. Surface of aluminium body has very fine finish. The diffuser is made from a certified material and UV stabilised. All our accessories are made from aluminium in a color matching to the profiles. The shape and weight of the aluminium LED profile play a key role in the heat dissipation from the LEDs. All our models are made from fast heat transferring aluminium and pass the certain loading tests. The thermal and optical test results as well as installation guide are presented in our product data sheet for each model. Thanks to the thermal and optical optimisation, the use of our LED profiles is safe for the LEDs. Please find more details in the product data sheet of each product.
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