Fornebu S

KLP Eiendom AS - Fornebu S is a shopping mall outside of Oslo. A mall with over 80 shops and restaurants spread over 65,000 m2, including parking. The shopping mall was opened in october 2014 and was awarded The building of the year 2014 (Årets bygg 2014).
Vanpee AS, in cooperation with luminaire manufacturer Fagerhult, have provided the lighting control to the entire building.

The World’s most sustainable shopping center
The world’s most widely used classification system for sustainable buildings is called BREEAM. Fornebu S has achieved the highest possible classification in this system, namely BREEAM NOR*
Outstanding and was the winner of Retail New Construcion Award 2015. There is no other shopping centers in the world that have achieved this before! Therefore, Fornebu S can be called the world’s most environmentally friendly shopping center.

Social responsibility and sustainability are two very important platforms to KLP. It is therefore very natural to make environmental considerations. It is not just good economics just because the «electric bill is lower» and the people that work there are more productive, they also have a better indoor air quality. A BREEAM certification is a visible proof of the buildings energy- and sustainable qualities.
*BREEAM NOR is a Norwegian modified version of the BREEAM system

40% less energy than the regulations require.
The building is a passive-house. That means that the building does not require a lot of energy for heating. Among others, the walls and especially the roof have a thick insulation layer to achieve this. During the building process there has been a keen and observant attentiveness to getting the building air- and heat-tight.

Low carbon concrete and wood materials works give less greenhouse gas emissions.
Low carbon concrete means that parts of the cement mass is replaced with “fly-ashes”, which is a waste product from combustion of coal. This again decreases energy conception in the production of the cement, which decreases the emissions of CO2. Virtually all the cement foundry at Fornebu S is of the low carbon cement type. The production of the wood materials which is used in and on the buildings that make Fornebu S demand relatively little energy in their production. That is the main reason that the wood materials are environmentally friendly.largest solar cellular parks, which covers an area of ab. 1600 m2.

A green roof is good for the biological diversity.
The green roof that covers the one side of the shopping center, is not just beautiful to look at for the apartments on the other side of the roof, it also functions as a “green corridor” to the landscape at Fornebu. The vegetation is a recreation of the type of nature, which is natural here at the Fornebu landscape, which also in a nation context, is quite rare. It is called “kalktørreng” (lime dry-terrine) and some of the signal-species are the yellow and pink stonecrop species.

During the summer of 2013 it was collected seeds from local grass- and flowering plants at the Fornebu landscape and surrounding islands in the Oslo fjord. These have been grown and constitute a large part of the 84% different plant species on the roof. A diversity of plants also gives a diversity of insects and small birds.

The lighting in the building is LED, which easily “catches two birds with one stone”. LED lighting are highly energy efficient, emits little heat, which in the warmer seasons reduces the need for cooling energy. The energy for heating comes from district heating/ cooling system that draws energy from the Oslo fjord, and in addition to that we recycle the heat that the building produces from for example the coolers/fridges used in the grocery store, Meny. On the roof of Fornebu S we have one of Norway’s largest solar cellular parks, which covers an area of ab. 1600 m2.